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Max PC Booster Tunes up, optimizes and turbo charges your PC
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Day after day our computers fill themselves with useless temporary files, registry entries, and many more, that make them slower and slower. They need a boost to clean the junk and put it back on track, like Max PC Booster.
Max PC Booster is a great complementary software to tune up, optimize and turbo charge your PC. It offers great tools to make your computer a healthier, faster and more reliable one.
Max PC Booster offers wonderful tools such as:
- Registry Cleaner - It scans and locates the registry for entries which are malicious, no longer work or are suspicious. It looks for entries that are located in the system startup, or Start Menu items, Shared DLL, unknown extensions, and more. Also, you can create a backup of the registry at a given point, and restore if needed.
- Privacy Cleaner - Deletes all entries in your hard drive that could compromise your private information, located in browser cookies, Instant Messaging stored conversations, recent documents shortcuts, and many more.
- Internet Optimizer - Implements a series of rules to optimize your internet connection, and making surfing a pleasant and safer experience.
- RAM Optimizer - Manages the available RAM memory and File Page to make a better use of it, and making the system resources more efficient.

As a registered user, Max PC Booster updates itself automatically or by request, so is always aware of new threats and trends. Also, you can set it up so it executes a specific task at a specific time, so it will not interrupt your work.

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